Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016

Statement by ALDA President Oriano Otočan

“Dear members, partners, friends and staff of ALDA,

We are bridging over this 2015, full of achievements and good results, to which you all contributed with devotion and passion.

I am very satisfied with the growth of ALDA and the important steps forward, achieved thanks to a constant commitment, despite some difficulties presented by the general European frame.
Reviewing the last twelve months, we have sadly seen the dramatic events of migration that affected the whole continent, and the attempts of the European countries trying to develop plans for accommodation and regulation, in order to assure humane conditions both to refugees and European citizens. We have seen the economic problems of Greece, which left all Europe breathless, calling into question the stability of the European Union, and consequently the capacity to deal all together with difficulties. Furthermore, worry and concern are still alive in our hearts from the terroristic attacks affecting our cities and the Neighbouring countries. We are all involved in this fight against terrorism, and we really intend to defend the values of democracy and peace that characterise our European identity.” […]