Statement of ALDA about migration and necessity of humanitarian assistance

More integrated actions and not the walls needed for the European agendas for development and on migration

“The European Union is witnessing perhaps the largest scale of immigration wave ever with some 153,000 migrants who have been detected at its external borders since the beginning of this year and arriving at its “gates” in south Italy and as of recently at the Hungary’s border with Serbia. One of the biggest surges happened at the beginning of June when nearly 6000 people were plucked from the sea at the south Italy’s coast, while at the other gate – some 80,000 refugees and migrants have reached Hungary since the beginning of this year.

Facing the global phenomenon of mass migration which, according to recent estimations has become larger in scope and numbers than the one happened after the World War II, the DG Migration and Home Affairs has launched a scope of comprehensive policy measures granting institutional responses and even more calling for adequate responses by the MS mostly affected by the influx of migrants.” […]