There are no alternatives to the European project

Statement by ALDA President Oriano Otočan and

ALDA Vice President Alessandro Perelli

Today is a sad day for the European Union. It marks the start of a period of uncertainty for the EU, as well as for the United Kingdom. After the referendum result deciding that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union, we cannot close our eyes. Very recently and for different reasons, we faced the possibility of the exit of Greece, risk that is still present.

In the EU countries, with few exceptions, we witness growing support to populist and Eurosceptic movements. Those who love Europe, those who believe in Europe, cannot limit their action to a mere technical and economical defence. We have to relaunch the political project of our common destiny. We need to act fast, with the spirit and the values of the founding fathers of the EU – Adenauer, Churchill, De Gasperi, Monnet, Schuman , Spinelli. There are no alternatives to the European project – our citizens need more Europe, our Member States need more unity! The European project has to be relaunched with the creation of the United States of Europe, and the creation of a real, operational government.