Think and act for Europe, vote for Europe

Statement by the Director of ALDA, Antonella Valmorbida

“The European Parliament Elections are – this time – a crucial crossroad. It can’t be and won’t be “an ordinary business”. It is too bad that, once again, we have to go to vote on national basis and that candidates will be once again the expression of national and local challenges. It would have been much better to have the so much expected transnational lists that would have brought to the front stage real European characters, with the possibility to collect votes from different members states. Those people exist in cultural, economic, political field. no, as said, once again, the candidates might only be the poor mixture of very local games. The only hope stays in the capacities of the parties to choose “good” candidates and to see beyond their limited visions so that to propose to their local electorate “different” names.

The challenge is so big this time. We feel that this is an election for survival of the European project. We often say that there are not alternative to Europe. Well, it is not the case. There are other options. World won’t stop running without it. But all the options are bringing us all straight to worse scenarios : isolated countries won’t just be able to cope with big masses and continental interests. Economy, culture, education, future is global and a piece by piece Europe has not future as a key player neither in economy nor in security. We – all those who are Europeans – need to say clear enough that this time the vote is FOR EUROPE.” […]