A commitment involving the whole Association: ALDA Governing Board member, Mr. Emir Coric, in Ukraine

May 10, 2023

Good governance

ALDA’s commitment to Ukraine and its people has continued unceasingly since that tremendous day when Russia attacked the country. 

More than a year after the beginning of the war, a team from ALDA decided to leave for Ukraine for a 5-day mission, which took place at the beginning of May, with the aim of increasing this ongoing commitment to the nation, strengthening the links already established and creating new ones. 

The support to Ukraine involves the Association in its entirety, by starting from ALDA Governing Board members, an expert Board made of 15 members from 9 countries representing local, regional authorities and civil society organisations which will guide ALDA until 2024.

The support to Ukraine involves the Association in its entirety, by starting from ALDA Governing Board members

As a demonstration of this, Mr. Emir Coric, ALDA Governing Board member and representative of the Municipality of Centar (North Macedonia), took part in this mission, playing a key role for the Association and its partners in the country. 

Participating on behalf of Skopje Centre but also as advisor of the Minister of Local Government of Northern Macedonia, Mr. Coric took part in the mission with the main purpose of involving the municipalities of Northern Macedonia in the ALDA flagship initiative in support of Ukraine. An initiative aimed at establishing collaborations to support ALDA’s work in the country and to become partners of the two new Ukrainian Local Democracy Agencies which will soon be created in Odesa and Vinnytsia. 

In this regard, Mr. Coric’s involvement and useful insights shared during the meetings in the two cities, proved to be fundamental for this purpose. 

The work done during this mission in Ukraine is essential for ALDA. According to my experience in the Western Balkans the Local Democracy Agencies are an excellent instrument of cooperation in difficult times, both for the reconstruction of the country and the restoration of peace” – stated Mr. Coric. 

Mr. Coric’s presence in Ukraine strengthened even more the already very active role of the Western Balkans in supporting the country and its population. 

Given the geographical proximity of Ukraine and the very similar history between the two areas, the actions of the Governing Board Member were not only dictated by his valuable experience, but also by his deep emotional involvement. 


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