A fresh restart: back in presence from Ukraine

Jul 07, 2021

Good governance

For the first time in recent history, something uncontrollable made us stop and think about the World in which we were living. During the long isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we all posed questions to ourselves on the reality in which we have been living, our lifestyle, and on the one we would like to live in, and build for our future. 

ALDA, as well, has been carrying on a deep and elaborated reflection aimed at ensuring the continuity of its activities and providing support to all its members and partners, even from a distance.

Thus, after a long break, on the 4th of July, ALDA Secretary General Antonella Valmorbida flew to Ukraine to deliver a series of trainings  within the programme “Platform for Good Governance and Environmental Protection”, financed by UNDP in Ukraine. 

ALDA: working for the people and with the people

More in details, Ms. Valmorbida is leading seven interactive and participative trainings, from July 5th until July 14th, on the following topics:

  • Raising awareness of professional competencies of representatives of local authorities and public leaders of target communities;
  • Creativity and innovation in local governance;
  • Responsible local governance: publicity, transparency, innovation and partnership

These activities, carried out in presence, are essential aspects of the overall mission of ALDA: working for the people and with the people. If on the one hand the above-mentioned trainings mark a small, yet important step; on the other, this achievement would have not been possible without a constant commitment of ALDA throughout 2020. Thus, the association and its staff managed to re-designing its projects, not by changing its objectives; on the contrary by re-scheduling its activities, events and methods.

ALDA, guided by its experiences and vision, has been able to successfully overcome this intense year, turning challenges into opportunities, and opportunities in reality… and now is finally ready to meet again its partners and friends!

Stay tuned for further updates!