A new practical guide on “Training and networking” published by Salto EuroMed. Written by Marco Boaria

Feb 07, 2012

Good governance

Mr. Marco Boaria, ALDA Resource and Development Unit Coordinator, is the author of a new “Practical Guide” published by SALTO EuroMed, on “Training and Networking“.
The Practical Guides are tools for youth workers, youth leaders and trainers involved in the EuroMediterranean cooperation, and aims to support the cooperation in developing projects.
In particular, this Practical Guide provides concrete information and tools about Action 3.1 “Youth in the World” of the Youth in Action Programme and its links with Euro-Med Youth Programme IV. This Guide is focused on Training and Networking Activities. Its goal is to provide tips to improve project development and to provide support mainly for first-time applicants.
It is not focused specifically on “technicalities” (that you can find in the Programme Guides), but more especially on the strategic and intercultural approach needed for successful cooperation in the Euro-Med area.
Salto EuroMed is one of the eight Resource Centres of the network, working on European priority areas within the youth field, with which ALDA is cooperating. It provides youth work and training resources and organises training and contact-making activities to support organisations and National Agencies within the frame of the European Commission’s Youth in Action programme and beyond.
This publication, published also in French and Arabic, is available also on line on the Salto EuroMed website.