A regional conference on management of architectural, urban and landscape heritage

Sep 05, 2011

Good governance

The National Association of Towns and Regions of Art and History and tows with protected areas in cooperation with the Regional Council of Lower-Normandy, will organise a regional conference in order to discuss the tools for protection and development of the heritage on September 6 in Caen.

The conference aims to propose inventory policies for the urban heritage management in France (and Macedonia) and provide tools for practical working. Participants will also discuss the implementation of protected areas and governance, and the associated legal and financial leverage.
The participants will stimulate more ideas and useful insights on the transformation of zones, towns and regions with protected areas. Macedonian delegation from the Association of historical and artistic cities of the Republic of Macedonia will be present at this meeting and give insights on the matter.

This interregional “Training-Reflection” day, organised as a part of the component 3 (Inventory of Cultural Heritage), within the Project for Decentralised Cooperation between Lower Normandy and Macedonia, will gather elected officials and technicians of local regions of Lower Normandy, Upper Normandy, Center, Bretagne and Pays de Loire.
The project is coordinated by the Association of Local Democracy Agencies (ALDA). For further information please consult the webpage of the Cooperation