“A strong role of local authorities and civil society key element of democratic and economic growth”. Antonella Valmorbida at the Strasbourg Club Meeting

Oct 09, 2012

Good governance

“Decentralisation and strong role of local authorities are key elements of democratic and economic growth”, stressed Antonella Valmorbida, ALDA Director, speaking at the 10th meeting of the Strasbourg Club. (Strasbourg, F, 9 October 2012). The meeting was promoted by the Municipality of Strasbourg in the framework of the World Forum for Democracy.

“ALDA, through his work at the local level, has been able to verify the positive impact that civil society (associations and volunteering) brings to the community. A strong and vibrant civil society is an important tool for the strengthening of democracy” said Antonella Valmorbida.
“The future of European democracy, including local democracy, is based on building up a participatory democratic model. This meeting of the Strasbourg Club stresses the role not only of active citizenship but also of education for democratic citizenship as vital elements in developing such participation”, said Keith Whitmore, President of the Congress.
“We in the Congress are convinced of our duty to support the creation of a general framework for education for democratic citizenship in our societies”, explained Antonella Cagnolati, Director of the Congress, presenting a range of tried and tested tools from all over Europe, including European Local Democracy Week (ELDW) – an annual pan-European event which was initiated by the Congress. She added, “ELDW is an excellent example which is now being implemented by hundreds of municipalities in more than 30 European countries”.