A successful closure for the project JOURNEY

Sep 15, 2021

Territorial & local development

It was an interesting trip and thank you very much for this project” – here is the comment of a young participant during the final conference of the project JOURNEY.

JOURNEY – Joint Organization to Unite Rural Networks of Entrepreneurial, funded by the Erasmus+ programme, was implemented by a consortium of 8 organizations from 5 countries: Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

The online event was attended by a great number of participants and by several stakeholders, among which:

  • Mr Christelle Philips, Project officer of EACEA- European Education and Culture Executive Agency from the European Commission,
  • Mr Petro Krainik, National Erasmus+ Office in Ukraine,
  • Ms Olha Oliinyk, Lead Coordinator of Journey Project and Deputy Head of the Secretariat Head of the Center for Сommunications, Еxternal relations and Fundraising of Vinnytsia Regional Association of Local Self Government Bodies

During its two years of implementation, JOURNEY worked to reduce youth unemployment in the countries of the Eastern Partnership by increasing the entrepreneurship competencies of youth living in rural areas. In this vein, the experts from the Associations “Microfinanza e Sviluppo ONLUS” Mr Matteo Solivo, “DYPALL Network” Mr Mateusz Hoffmann, and “Sustainable development solutions” Ms Silvia Bivol, shared their experience and knowledge in the field of the Erasmus for young entrepreneurs, the involvement of young people in rural entrepreneurship and skills of entrepreneurship.

Check the platform JOURNEY and discover the free online courses

The teams from Georgia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan, both mentors and trainees, expressed their positive experience and acquired knowledge and information within the programme.

Coming to the project achievement, JOURNEY proudly achieved all the planned results and objectives:
– 21 mentors trained;
– 1 course of 10 modules in 4 languages for rural youth;
– 9 online trainings (27 hours) for 3 target countries;
– the new web platform “JOURNEY”;
– 3 Stakeholders Committees to discuss about the main problems youth faced and the ways to support them;
– 10 Clubs of Young Entrepreneurs (6 local+1 central Club – in Ukraine, 2 – in Georgia and 1 – in Azerbaijan);
– 3 Follow-up workshops gathered 90 youngsters in Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan (face-to-face!);
– 1 digital Youth Exchange