ALDA at the “Pomme de Terre en Fête” to promote the local initiatives and its resources

Sep 15, 2022

Youth empowerment & Education

On the 9-10-11 September, in Ploeuc l’Hermitage, took place the Festival “Pomme de terre en fête”. Invited by Thibault Guignard, mayor of Ploeuc l’Hermitage and President of LEADER France, ALDA joined the event to promote and illustrate different possibilities, also in terms of European funding, aimed at safeguarding the environment, or the territory.

The latter not only celebrates the “resource of the territory”, such as the potato, but is also an exchange and sharing time, in which the importance of European and international cooperation within rural territories has been recalled by the mayor itself. This is the reason why the municipality welcomed different European delegations from Romania, Poland, and Czech Republic, within the framework of three projects supported by the town hall.

Democracy school, and climate protection at  “Pomme de terre en fête” Festival in Ploeuc l’Hermitage

Part of ALDA’s team took part in this mission, which started on Friday the 9th September, with a training session on the European Funds and Programmes in the municipality, as before mentioned, and a mini-democracy school in the afternoon with more than 60 participants, from local high schools.  Thanks to the use of interactive online platforms, ALDA colleagues were able to engage everybody with enthusiasm around European Union values and processes. 

Furthermore, during the weekend ALDA had a stand in the Festival “Pomme de terre en fête”, where it was able to promote the petition for Climate Of Change and sensibilise the community on environmental issues, such as climate-induced migration, which is at the core of the project. 

Overall, this occasion also represented a great opportunity to get in touch with people from different backgrounds, interested in European projects and in ALDA’s work and network.

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