ALDA at the Swiss International Holiday Exhibition: trails and nature on the trace of history

Nov 13, 2023

Territorial & local development

From November 3 to 5, 2023 ALDA+ took part in the 20th edition of the Swiss International Holiday Exhibition in Lugano (Switzerland), an incredible event for the tourism industry where people, cultures and places meet and share their experiences.   

Over 400 exhibitors, professional operators and buyers from more than 60 countries unveiled amazing tourist destinations, fascinating cultures and breath-taking landscapes through shows, degustations, workshops, networking and professional training.

During the 3 days of exhibition, together with the mayor of Schio (Italy), Mr. Valter Orsi, ALDA+ promoted the project “Alta Via della Grande Guerra” (AVGG), a high altitude Great War hiking trail through the Vicenza foothills. 

An historical, culture and environmental programme, with more than 125 miles of paths that joins from west to east four war memorials, symbols of the Province of Vicenza (Italy) and milestones of remembrance and liberty.  

The project is implemented by the Province of Vicenza (Italy) together with the main donor, the Bim-Bacchiglione organisation (Italy), which tasked ALDA with the project’s dissemination and promotion.

ALDA firmly believes in local initiatives and supports its implementation and dissemination everywhere

A project of cohesion and promotion of the Vicenza mountains with the aim of recounting and divulging the dramatic events that occurred on these heights during the First World War.

As a consequence, the international fair was a unique opportunity to promote the AVGG initiative and its territorial area, spreading the project purposes and the wide collaboration between municipalities and associations that cooperate all together.

ALDA firmly believes in local initiatives and supports its implementation and dissemination everywhere.
Visit the project website here.