ALDA – CIDEM international conference on human rights and intercultural dialogue in development

Dec 06, 2012

Good governance

An international Conference (qui link al pdf: Agenda Conference Paris_05-12-12 ) on “Human Rights and Intercultural Dialogue in Development”, will be held in Paris on the 10th December 2012 (Federation of the Ligue de l’enseignement – 167 boulevard de la Villette, 75010), organised by ALDA in cooperation with CIDEM – Civisme et Démocratie.
The event will take place on the occasion of the celebration of the Human Rights Day, date chosen to honour the United Nations General Assembly’s adoption and proclamation, on 10 December 1948, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The conference has been organised within the framework of the WTD – Working Together for Development programme, which aims at exploring the opportunities Local Authorities and Civil Society Organisations have in working together to promote more sustainable global development achievements.
The conference will mainly focus on the role those actors have in promoting human rights values and intercultural dialogue practices in their own communities and how this can affect the global development agenda.
Bearing in mind that the question of the human rights and of the intercultural dialogue represents essential aspects for the entire Europe today and being aware of the rich cultural diversity in the enlarged Europe, we think that the local political representatives, as well as CSOs leaders, have to deal with a colossal challenge: the peaceful and constructive dialogue between cultures. It is a “sine qua non” condition for the European construction, for its economic, social and cultural dimension.
The Conference will gather together academic experts, political representatives, CSOs leaders, human rights activists and citizens to discuss together the need for a more incisive promotion of Human Rights values, in and outside Europe, as a valuable tool to reach the Millennium Development Goals.