ALDA formally enters the European Group of Economic Interest “I Teatini”

Nov 21, 2012

Good governance

ALDA has recently officially entered the European Group of Economic Interest – EGEI “I Teatini – Institutional European Network”.
The Group is based in Lecce (Italy) and it is participated also by the municipality of Monfalcone, the municipality of Lecce, both representing members of ALDA.

The EGEI, legal body created under the European Law to facilitate and encourage cross – border cooperation, represents a very important opportunity for ALDA to enlarge, intensify and facilitate its activity in the Mediterranean area, which is becoming more and more strategic for ALDA.
Indeed, ALDA will be entitled to participate, through its affiliation to the EGEI, to further EU programmes of territorial cooperation, namely those of transnational and cross – border cooperation for the Mediterranean and South East Europe. Furthermore, the mixed nature of this legal entity, which integrates public and private bodies, will allow the participation of its members to a wide spectrum of fields and initiatives, going from institutional topics to sustainable development, culture and more.