ALDA General Assembly and International Conferences in Udine

Jun 07, 2012

Good governance

Strengthening citizens’ and local authorities’ role in the good local governance of all the European and neighbouring countries and facilitate cooperation between local authorities and civil society.
These will be the objectives of ALDA’s activity also for the next years. ALDA members are discussing the future strategies and programmes of the Association in the General Assembly that is taking place in Udine (Italy), hosted by Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and Udine Municipality.
ALDA members have elected the new Governing Board that will lead the Association for the next four years.
The new Governing Board will be presented tomorrow, during the second session of the General Assembly.
Members have also debated and approved the balance and the activity programme for 2012.
Tomorrow (8 June), the General Assembly will discuss ALDA strategy 2020 and multiannual programmes.