ALDA Governing Board: another step towards the global strategy

May 17, 2021

Good governance

Today, May 17th 2021, the ALDA Governing Board met online again, paving the way throughout our annual General Assembly, which will take place online on the 25th June in the framework of a week of events ALDA is organising towards the Conference on the Future of Europe.

The meeting was an occasion for debate and growth. Members of the Governing Board discussed several topics; from ALDA staff to LDAs, while focusing especially on strategies’ implementation, and on the role that ALDA will play as a global actor. Thus, as ALDA is enlarging, becoming day by day an even more strategic partner for institutions, local authorities and the world of organised civil society; the GB is now laying the foundation for making another step forward. Starting from our 20 years of experience and expertise in engaging people, associations and third parties from all over the world, the GB discussed about the concrete path to be followed in the upcoming months and years.  

In addition, ALDA – benefitting from newly elected Governing Board members’ networks – proposed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with LEADER France. The latter, created in 1997 on the initiative of rural territories involved in the European rural development programme LEADER, represents 339 LEADER territories, both of mainland France and overseas. 

ALDA is enlarging, becoming day by day an even more strategic partner for institutions and CSOs

Moreover, considering ALDA’s mission in promoting and stimulating local actors’ engagement, at today’s Governing Board meeting, the opportunity to join the “Paese dell’acqua” (“Land of water”) cultural association. Addressing the issues of water resources’ development and protection, “Paese dell’Acqua” facilitates the creation of a national and international network of professionals, while collecting good practices and promoting research.

As said, discussing the future steps to take, today’s meeting served as the occasion to prepare the General Assembly, which will take place during the second half of June. The Governing Board is sure that this year’s General Assembly will be a great opportunity for discussing and reflecting on the role of ALDA in light of the great challenges posed by the health-crisis and the role that the association has played at European level, providing great support to partners and institutions.