ALDA Governing Board meets in Brussels, welcoming new members and discussing on key future events

Mar 04, 2023

Good governance

The brand-new office in Brussels hosted the first ALDA Governing Board meeting for this 2023. In an atmosphere of renovated joy, so meet again after months, the delegates gathered on Friday 3 March 2023 to update on the recent mission to Ukraine, and the development of the LDAs in the Country.

Hence, the commitment to work in cooperation with the local realities, and to support resilient communities was testified by the appointment of Ms. Pylypenko, delegate of the LDA of the Drnipropetrovsk Region, as Statutory Member within the Governing Board, representing the whole LDAs network. Her presence will be a further stimulus both to implement the initiatives of #ALDAforUkraine, and to reinforce the bond with the Association and the Agencies.

If the LDAs are at the heart of the Association, and so are the Members. Hence, the latter are key partners in actualizing the strategies and projects. Therefore, three new members intervened in the meeting, be they the representatives of the following members’ organisations: “Mediterranean CitizensAssembly Foundation” (Spain); “Mariupol State University” (Ukraine), and “I am Buchanets” (Ukraine).

The Governing Board reunited in the new office in Brussels, for the firs meeting of this new 2023

Besides, Ms. Besozzi, Coordinator of Civil Society Europe, also attended the Board, being a strong partner of ALDA, already engaged with the Association in several actions, among which the Conference on the Future of Europe.

Finally, the Board discussed together the upcoming General Assembly of ALDA, which will gather together the whole team, the members and partners, marking every year a milestone event in the association’s institutional calendar.

The representatives of the LDAs, in turn, become metres of the ALDA Governing Board for a limited period, so as to ensure a varied and relevant representation.