ALDA Governing Board’s commitment to sustainability at the AUTREMENT project

Feb 01, 2021

Environment & climate Linked project:

On Wednesday 27 January 2021, the conference on the AUTREMENT Project (Urban Territorial Development to Reinvent Mobility and Engage Tunisians) took place in Kairouan (Tunisia), live-streamed on the Autrement Facebook Page – Sustainable Mobility and Citizen Participation in Tunisia.  One member of ALDA’s Board of Directors, Mr Didier Duboisset, who works for the local authority Pays Vichy-Auvergne, joined the event welcoming the implementation of this project and encouraging all members and stakeholders for the successful completion of the project itself.

During his speech, Mr Didier Duboisset highlighted an example of a concrete project implemented in his municipality. In this case, European funds were used to mobilise the young section of the population, from teenagers to young parents, as far as soft and sustainable mobility projects concern. the aim was yo change the habits of these people around the use of cars and to raise their awareness on the use of more ecological and sustainable means of transport.

Going towards sustainable urban development with the AUTREMENT project

Mr Duboisset’s commitment is fully in line with the spirit of the AUTREMENT project, launched on 1st June 2020 in the continuation of the decentralised cooperation between the Strasbourg Municipality and the municipalities of Kairouan and Mahdia in Tunisia. The project focuses on promoting sustainable urban development; while improving inhabitants’ quality of life, as well as their economic and tourist attractiveness. The development of active mobility, such as cycling; the implementation of dedicated urban developments, and the strengthening of citizen participation in local governance are some key aspects designed to reach the above-mentioned aims.

Finally, this project aims at creating synergies in the region of Kairouan and Mahdia and even beyond the Tunisian borders.