ALDA keeps demonstrating its solidarity and commitment to Ukraine

Aug 16, 2022

Gender, Inclusion & Human rights

In mid July 2022, Vinnytsia experienced a tremendous missile attack that killed 21 people, including 3 children. This is yet another brutal attack to a nation that has been suffering relentlessly since February 2022. It goes without saying that ALDA expressed its solidarity to everyone living in Ukraine. In a tweet, Antonella Valmorbida, Secretary-General of ALDA, re-stated ALDA’s position towards the war against Ukraine, underlining ALDA’s continuous support to the Ukrainian population and reiterating the willingness to establish a new Local Democracy Agency in Vinnytsia.

Since the beginning of the crisis, ALDA has been constantly working to provide concrete help to Ukraine and its people

Since the beginning of the crisis, ALDA has been constantly working to provide concrete help to Ukraine, operating together with the Ukrainian Local Democracy Agencies in Dnipro and Mariupol. In its commitment to reinforce the Local Democracy Agencies, in June 2022, ALDA invited the community of Local Authorities and Civil Society Organisations to the Conference entitled “Supporting the Local Democracy Agencies in Ukraine”, which took place in Brussels. The conference was aimed at giving a reliable update on the situation on the ground in Ukraine, as well as on the activities that ALDA carried out and to provide support to civilians and people in need. The conference was a great success, and it emphasised the will for future initiatives, cooperation and potential opening of the Local Democracy Agencies in Odessa and Vinnytsia.

Since the beginning of the war, ALDA has always shown a strong bond with Ukraine. As declared in its “Statement on the Russian exclusion from the Council of Europe” and in its “Statement on Ukraine-Russia” ALDA firmly condemns the war against Ukraine and it will never stop supporting the country and its people, and to ask the European Union to have an even more engaged role to end the military invasion and start a peace process. 

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