ALDA participates in Conference on strengthening cooperation between local authorities and the public in Ukraine

Sep 14, 2011

Good governance

On September 13, the Agency for Legislative Initiatives held the Conference “Strengthening cooperation between the Authorities and the public at the local level: experience of the regions” in Kyiv.
The Conference was the closing event of the Project “Strengthening Cooperation Between the Authorities and the Public at the Local Level for Community Development” implemented by the Agency for Legislative Initiatives.
During the conference participants presented the results of their activities in the project and their experience in cooperating with local and regional authorities in Ukraine. ALDA presented its work to the participants and told about the way ALDA works and ALDA’s experience in facilitating cooperation between local authorities and citizens especially in the Eastern Partnership countries. Furthermore ALDA also told about its project in Belarus which shares a lot of features with the project Agency for Legislative Initiatives implemented in Ukraine and ALDA’s work to raise the attention in EU institutions to the question of local democracy development in Eastern Partnership countries.
During the conference participants also discussed problems and perspectives for cooperation between the authorities and the public at the local level in Ukraine and possibilities for adoption of progressive models of participatory democracy at the local level in Ukraine.
Agency for Legislative Initiatives recently became member of ALDA and after the conference ideas and possibilities to further strengthen the cooperation with ALDA and ALDA’s work in Ukraine was discussed.