ALDA supports the EC-UN joint migration development initiative

Aug 17, 2012

Good governance

ALDA supports the Ec-Un Joint Migration Development Initiative.The JMDI would like to seek the collaboration of NGOs and local authorities to gather information on initiatives by local authorities that seek to capitalise the development potential of migrants. This information will feed into a global mapping exercise that is currently being undertaken by the JMDI.
This ‘mapping exercise’ will allow the JMDI to acquire a better understanding of the methodologies local authorities have developed to link migration and development and identify initiatives to be potentially scaled up through funding and support from the JMDI, as well as to continue its work in connecting local authorities globally in order for them to share lessons learned, good practices and identify new potential partners.
Therefore, by sending their locally led initiatives, the organisation and their initiatives could be identified as a key initiative to receive additional funding and support by the JMDI and will be made more visible for other donors and organizations.
JMDI is not looking at integration initiative in the country of residence but rather at initiatives together with local authorities in migrants’ countries of origin, that are implemented by partnerships of local authorities and domestic NGOs, international and diaspora NGOs, the private sector, and municipalities in the countries of residence of the migrants (e.g., city-to-city partnerships). ‘Local authorities’ include all levels of government below the central government, including regions, provinces, districts and municipalities.
JMDI is looking for a wide range of projects that could be connected to remittances, trade, protection of human rights, investment, philanthropy, skills and knowledge transfer, etc. Initiatives may aim at social and economic development in the migrant’s region of origin in the broader sense. Some projects may also affect the migrant community in their country of residence and their integration into the host society. For more information, please see the information below.
JMDI therefore asks to be helped by sending locally led migration and development initiatives and the details as indicated below.
Information has to be sent preferably before 31 August 2012 to and
Mapping Local Authorities’ Practices in the field of Migration and Development
The initiative must

  • Be lead by a local authority or local authorities must be involved in the implementation of the initiative;
  • Engage with civil society organizations;
  • Aim to maximise the benefits of migration for development.
    Of particular interest are:
    • Initiatives using innovative approaches and methodologies.
    • Initiatives that follow an integrated approach including social and environmental, as well as rights and economic issues.
    • Initiatives that contribute to further promoting gender equality.
    • Initiatives that are related to South-South migration.
    • Initiatives that have strong and sustainable effects on local economic development, including employment, importance for SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) of the value chain (i.e., on companies and persons in the supply chains and distribution networks).
    This is, however, not an exhaustive list. The mapping includes the widest possible range of initiatives and development objectives. Some projects may also affect the migrant community in the country of residence and their integration into the host society.
    Initiatives’ description must be detailed and must include:
    • Achievements, results and lessons learned
    • Description of the initiative that includes the main objectives and the main activities carried out to achieve these objectives
    • Description of the main beneficiaries and target group
    • Description of the countries where the initiative was implemented and the partner countries, governments, local authorities and all other actors involved and their subsequent roles.
    • Description of the main thematic areas touched on
    • Identify which JMDI focus areas are touched on
    • Identify which MDG are targeted through the initiative
    • Practical details such as start and end date, budget, donors
    • Additional and any relevant information such project documents and reports

Please click here to consult the project database for example initiatives.
The European Commission and the United Nations launched the Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI) in 2009, which reflects the emerging acceptance of a strong nexus between migration and development. The programme, fully funded by the European Commission and run out of UNDP Brussels, also represents a major innovation as a first joint UN programme of its kind, not only with the European Commission, but also in its approach to inter-agency cooperation. Four agencies – IOM, ILO, UNHCR and UNFPA – are directly engaged in the management and direction of the programme and contribute their institutional knowledge, expertise and extensive networks to ensure its success.