History and archaeology to foster solidarity and inclusion among Tunisian citizens

May 13, 2020

Good governance

ALDA is delighted to see that its Local Democracy Agencies are undertaking interactive activities to the attention of local populations in this time of global health crisis, albeit painful, nonetheless inspiring enough for some to take such innovative initiatives.

It is in this context that our local agency in Tunisia, LDA Tunisia has maintained its program of Ramadan nights, broadcast this year, in its second edition, on the web via videoconference.

Two University Professors were invited to take part in a symposium focused on the questions of Tunisian citizenship and the country’s external relations, from a historical didactic approach perspective. Several guests amongst youths, students and academics attended the e-conference. The presentations were followed by a constructive debate between participants and presenters, and several issues were addressed such as those of the uniqueness of the Tunisian identity in relation to its environment; or the questions of coexistence and social inclusion within residents of the Medina.

The participants were interactive and expressed their satisfaction regarding of the content and the smooth running of the conference, also congratulating the storytelling skills of the two guests. They were asked to share their ideas as well, and wishes for the conferences to come, in the hope of making this meeting a tradition.

  • LDA Tunisia was created in April 2017, and was the first Local Democracy Agency to open in the Mediterranean region. The Agency is based in the city of Kairouan, a historic and symbolic city, and constitutes a platform for joint discussion between citizens, local associations and authorities to best meet the needs of local communities; it is headed by LDA delegate Afaf Zaddem.
  • ALDA encourages and supports the efforts of all local agencies to undertake such educational activities which can benefit local populations and future generations, and is keen to see more and more projects come to fruition in the southern side of the Mediterranean!