ALDA Talk #7 – The New Multi-Annual Financial Framework 2021-2027

May 14, 2020

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On May 12th at 11am CEST ALDA hosted the 6th episode of the ALDA Talks series: we discussed best practices in participatory processes, with the examples of four current projects the Association is working on together with members and partners.

Starting from the most local experience, we went on to highlight interregional projects and concluded with a project characterised by a European partnership.

The webinar unfolded with the following speakers and contents:

  • ALDA staff Sofia Corsi represented the Scintilla Project, a participatory process aimed at developing new tools for the revaluation of the Viale Milano neighbourhood in Vicenza, Italy.
  • Gloria Marini from La Piccionaia represented the SMART project, which promotes the culture of accessibility among tourism and cultural operators and the active participation of citizens in the appreciation of the natural and cultural heritage as a common good.
  • ALDA staff Ivana Velkova then spoke about Monumental 9, a project which aims at creating tourism development to increase youth employment and income generating activities by engaging micro-localities, youth greeters and vloggers.
  • Alessandra Dal Pozzolo from Cooperativa StudioProgetto completed the outline with instances from the FromMetoEU project, which aims to provide opportunities for European citizens and migrant communities to work together, in order to promote a new idea of a multicultural Europe.
  • ALDA staff Anna Ditta concluded with an overview of the funding programmes that are available in this sector.

The ALDA Talk was well attended, with 52 participants, and it can now be accessed on the ALDA YouTube channel where questions are welcome to be asked in the comments.

The 7th episode will now take place on June 23rd at 4pm CEST on the topic of the new multi-annual financial framework 2021-2027. The webinar will be held by Marco Boaria, Director of the Programs and Development Department at ALDA as well as CEO of ALDA+.

As usual, it is open to all via link registration, will be held in English and will last for about an hour and a half, including an allotted time for open debate. Register now HERE to join the discussion!

The topics of our following ALDA talks will be out soon, too!

For further information and to suggest specific topics and/or your participation, do not hesitate to contact Eva Trentin, Membership Office at