ALDA VIT project: a workshop on ageing and social services in Tirana

May 08, 2012

Citizens engagement Linked project:

The Albanian Association of Municipalities will organise a two-days international conference entitled “The Role of the Local Government Authorities Units in Offering Social Services – Ageing” in Tirana on 9th and 10th May 2012.
The conference is part of the project VIT- Very important twinning, Volunteering in town.
Vit project aims at creating a platform involving different types of stakeholders for debate, action and reflection on how citizens may enhance governance in Europe. At the same time, the project aims at revitalising existing town-twinning relations of the partner towns and initiate new twinning.
The first day will focus on presentation by representatives of national and local government on strategies developed at their level to provide to elderly good social services and to give them opportunities to stay active in the society. During the second day, speakers will share best practices on Active Ageing and will discuss on the role of Civil Society regarding elderly.