ALDA volunteers at the workshop “Youth glocal scenarios – l’Euromed que nous souhaitons”

Sep 13, 2012

Good governance

From 1 to 5 September 2012 ALDA participated to the international workshop in Hammamet organised in the framework of the project YOUTH GLOCAL SCENARIOS – l’Euromed que nous souhaitons. Lead partner of the project is the organisation JID – Jeunes Indipendants Democrates, organizer of the event and very active in supporting citizens participation and defend human rights at local level in Tunis. To know more on this association, visit its page on FB or its website.

The workshop was addressed to young and local administrators with a focus on NGOs role and challenges in the near future in the Mediterranean area and it saw the adhesion of young people from Tunisia, Italy, Spain, Lebanon and Palestine,
This initiative is one of the action of a project aiming to increase and reinforce the youth participation at local level and the participatory processes in the Med Area, promote an actual inter-institutional dialogue and support the local amelioration of the institutional capacities.
This event gave also the opportunity to involve one of the volunteers that already joined the Volunteers for Democracy (V4D) Programme, Joana Ricart Sala from Barcelona, Spain.
If you’re interested in joining the Programme find here all the information and don’t hesitate to contact Cinzia Spinazzè, for any additional information !


I applied for the ALDA Volunteers for Democracy project in Tunisia because I thought it could be a great opportunity to know the state of affairs of the civil organisations in this country after the 2010 revolution. The association JID – “Jeunes Indépendents Démocrats” lead the project which gathered Tunisian, Lebanese, Italian and Palestinian associations and NGOs and young people of several Mediterranean countries. During the workshop sessions we discussed civil society organisations issues such as its role in politics and in the society, its link with the governmental institutions, its role as regional development actors, its funding and its activities. The last workshop was devoted to suggest new projects and partnerships between the present organisations. I found this experience a very enriching opportunity, apart from the great hospitality of the organisers, all the event was very well organised and we had the opportunity to learn a lot through all the participants’ personal experiences and to widen our knowledge on the Tunisian civil society situation and reality. Definitely, I would gladly repeat the experience with ALDA Volunteers for Democracy programme!

Joana Ricart Sala from Barcelona, Spain, V4D in Tunisia