ALDA welcome the Nobel Price to the European Union: “a price for all European citizens”!

Oct 13, 2012

Good governance

“For those who have been active for many years and all their strength to promote the role of Europe as an instrument for Peace and Democracy, as the Local Democracy Agencies and ALDA, this is a great achievement and recognition. I therefore welcome the Nobel price to the European Union!” said ALDA President, Oriano Otočan, in a statement ,commenting on the award of the Nobel to EU.

“As President of an organisation of Local authorities and civil society, we expect this Nobel Price will be given not to the States and Institutions composing the European Union but rather to all the European Citizens, which are truly contributing every day – and in their life – to make the dream come true” said also ALDA President.
ALDA, as stressed Mr. Oriano Otočan, also expect that the Nobel Price, such a symbolic and strong message, could put further energy and relaunch the accession process to Western Balkans. The word of peace and unity must be spread in this part of Europe too.
In view of the Year 2013, Year of Citizen, the Price would be delivered for an idea – our Europe – and for every citizen belonging to it!
“I believe strongly in Europe and participate actively and relentlessly to its strengthening, its ideas, for citizens and with” said ALDA Director, Antonella Valmorbida.
In her statement she said also: “I value also the power of attraction of our values of peace and democracy that the EU also expresses, towards the countries near us. If the Nobel Prize is intended to European Citizens, I agree, otherwise, I struggle to understand it”.