ALDA within the Lands of Water Cultural Association

Jul 09, 2021

Environment & climate

We are pleased to inform you that ALDA has recently entered the network of Paesi dell’Acqua (PDA) (Lands of Water) Cultural Association. In line with its commitment in support of sustainable and green policies at local level, joining the PDA network represents for ALDA a chance to engage on a debate with other CSOs and LAs focusing on creating awareness towards the sustainable management of such an important resource as water. 

PDA – was established in 2015 as a natural consequence of a process developed in collaboration with the Municipality of Sassinoro (BN), in conjunction with the World Water Day created by the United Nations.

Development and protection of water resources by developing a national and international network

It aims to address the issue of development and protection of water resources by developing a national and international network of professionals able to collect good practices, to respond effectively to environmental criticality, to promote studies and research in order to develop a lively debate that would also involve the communities, a debate that effectively boosts participation and implementation of best practices characterised by innovation and development.

The Association is looking for developing effective collaborations with Municipalities, Associations, and other Organisations to create an intangible network committed to the protection of environment and sustainable management of water resources. This network – RETE DEI PAESI DELL’ACQUA (PDA Network) – will aim to effectively respond to territorial challenges, to promote initiatives, studies and research and to encourage a constant debate through the exchange of good practices and trigger innovative processes. 

The network is growing faster and has been joined by several international organisations brought together by the common purpose of taking care of water resources. Last but not least, every year PDA organises the public event ‘Sassinoro Paese dell’Acqua’, a forum on best practices about water management and environmental sustainability, which celebrates its  13th edition! The latter will take place from August 19th to 24th, 2021 in Sassinoro – BN (Italy). 

ALDA is very much glad to be part of this network, and it looks forward to share its knowledge when it comes to water management and green. Together for the planet!

To get more information about Paesi dell’Acqua, click HERE.