Assembly of European Regions


The Assembly of European Regions, AER, was formed 35 years ago, in a radically different world indeed. The founding regions met in Louvaine-la-Neuve on 14-15 June 1985 and created the AER, which at the beginning was called CRE/CER (Conseil des Régions d’Europe / Council of European Regions). AER is a network for and of regional and local politicians, addressing political concerns of a pan-European nature and fostering leadership excellence on all levels of governance. Its aim is to provide services for better decision-making and provide visibility, putting regions on the map. AER embrace globalisation, beyond Europe, and acknowledge the need of diversity, inclusion and a multi-cultural approach in search of solutions. Its perspective of regional policy making is grounded in the territories, cultures, histories and lives of the citizens.


Strasbourg, France