Association of Amalgamated Territorial Communities


The association has been established with the aim of promoting democratic principles, enhancing local governance, and fostering socio-economic development at the grassroots level. AAATC has become a crucial platform for the exchange of best practices, experiences, and knowledge among local authorities. They represent all types of territorial communities (hromadas) of Ukraine – urban, settlement and rural hromadas. Also they represent all regions of Ukraine, including the temporarily occupied Crimea (the only All-Ukrainian LGA, which is ready to represent interests of Crimea hromadas). Their LGA includes almost 2/3 of the hromadas of Ukraine, this is the maximum among all-Ukrainian LGAs. The association is the most dynamic and rapidly developing LGA in Ukraine. They are the only all-Ukrainian LGA that has grown from the grass roots up following a bottom-up approach, from 6 amalgamated hromadas in 2016 to about 800 hromadas at autumn of 2023.


Office 500, bld. 26, Lesi Ukrainky blvd., Kyiv, 01133, Ukraine