Center for Sustainable Community Development


Center for Sustainable Communities Development is an independent, non-governmental organization in public benefit, founded in 1994 by active professional women. It has won recognition as an Advocacy group working to:
– raise Bulgarian society awareness on gender equality issues;
– raise civil society intolerance to violence against women at home and in workplace;
– change the legislation to protect women and children victims of domestic violence;
– educate children and young people in human rights and the national and international regulations guaranteeing those rights;
– get media involved in gender issues discussions;
– acquire successful practices of foreign NGOs and adapt them professionally to the Bulgarian reality;
– promote and encourage women in starting-up their own business;
– achieve more active women’s participation in politics and decision-making, and create a national women’s


Center for Sustainable Communities Development

1000 Sofia, 37B, Parchevich str. Bulgaria