Institute for Albanian Municipalities


The IAM purpose is to strengthen the levels of local self-government, local democracy, decentralization, and integration. It aims to assist in improving the management and technical capacities and skills of municipal bodies and administrative units, related to the design of strategies, making policies and their execution, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of governance in improvement of public administrative services, responsibilities, accountability, and transparency in decision-making. Goals of the Institute are:

• Increasing the administrative skills of civil servants and creating new capacities;

• Creating a basic and sustainable culture in public administration in these units;

• Encouraging and promoting the use of human resources in administration and management, engagement, and gender equality;

• Support for reforms and deeper decentralization processes;

• Increasing the decision-making abilities of local and elected bodies, in deep and rural areas.


Rr. ‘Skerdilajd Llagami’ 
Nd.3, H.1, Ap.9