Les Têtes de l’Art


Since 1996, Les Têtes de l’Art non-profit organisation has been supporting and promoting participatory arts practices through committed action at the crossroads of culture, informal education, and social and solidarity-based economy. It creates and nurtures projects which illustrate beliefs such as “Place à l’Art” or “Boulègue”, the participatory television scheme in the 3rd district of Marseille. Building on a large network of independent artists, it co-develops participatory artistic projects in order to meet the requests of beneficiaries. Finally, it works with members through coaching, training schemes and equipment loan. Les Têtes de l’Art is located in the PACA region but it is also very much open to the outside. It deals with more and more partners in France, Europe, and the Mediterranean area so as to help spread a fresh and positive outlook.


Comptoir de la Victorine
29 rue Toussaint
13003 Marseille