Municipality of Roskovec


The territory of the Municipality of Roskovec lies partly on the Patos – Marinze oil-bearing area, which constitutes an important natural resource and potential for economic development. The sectors that provide employment for the residents of the area are: the oil extraction industry, the agricultural sector, livestock and horticulture, the construction sector. The municipality of Roskovec, in its work performance policies, aims at the participation of citizens in local democracy. The main goals are to improve the efficiency, transparency and involvement of the public in important decisions. Done in a timely and effective manner, public consultation has increased the quality of decision-making, improved cost-effectiveness, as well as provided more sustainable policy solutions, and generated greater public confidence in decision-making.


PPQ3+7HV Jonuz Cepele, Rruga e Kurjanit, Roskovec 9306, Albania