Poltava City Council


Poltava is the largest city and the regional center of Poltava Oblast. Its territory covers 547.8km2, with a population of 312,814 people, including 286,649 city residents and 26,165 countryside residents. In 2021, due to decentralization and the accession of 55 neighboring villages, the Poltava City Territorial Community was formed. It is located between the most powerful industrial centers – Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipro, at the intersection of transport routes and has an economically advantageous position. This location creates ideal conditions for a wide range of economic development and activities, such as creative industries, knowledge economy, tourism, environmentally friendly production and logistics, cargo transportation, etc. Poltava region is also one of the most environmentally friendly in Ukraine and is rich in clean artesian water.


Sobornosti St, 36, Poltava, Poltava Oblast, Ukraine, 36000