Samarcanda Social Cooperative


Samarcanda was born from the path taken by the social cooperative La Zattera Blu that led to the conception of the Blue Raft Project and the development of realities rooted in the territory aimed at enhancing and relaunching the direct and in-depth knowledge of the socio-cultural fabric in which they operate. Samarcanda proposes himself in the Scledense territory as an attentive interlocutor in relations with the institutions and with the realities that operate in the social field, privileging as an observatory the street and the informal meeting places. The Samarcanda teams make use of the knowledge acquired in decades of operation in reception and integration services (homeless, immigrants), territorial animation, community development and promotion of rest, technical-administrative support to social realities present in the territory. Samarcanda wants, therefore, to be active protagonist continuing to operate daily with paths of support to situations of difficulty and uneasiness and with activities of prevention and promotion of the quality of life.


Via Paraiso, 60, 36015 Schio (VI), Italy