ALDA’s engagement in Libya: decentralisation, trainings and women empowerment

Feb 18, 2022

Gender, Inclusion & Human rights

ALDA has been active in Libya since the start of the Nicosia initiative, that the Association has closely followed and in the framework of which its work is ascribed. This engagement takes place through various forms of actions, including technical assistance and research, and is now managing activities with a direct impact on the population. In particular, ALDA is engaged in two projects on women empowerment and capacity building for local authorities.

The first project, called “Dialogues et échanges autours de la place de la femme au sein de la société civile en Libye” (Dialogues and exchanges around the place of women in the Libyan civil society), is a part of the FAIR II initiative. The latter is managed by REF – Réseau Euromed France and funded by Agence Française de Développement (AFD). ALDA, in partnership with ASODH, a French NGO active in Libya, is at the lead of the project.

This project comprises two main activities: the first one consists in psycho-social coaching of 50 women and recreational needs of around 100 children (DPIs, war violence…) in Tarhouna. This activity was accomplished by the local NGO Fatima Zohra and included conferences on mental health, training sessions on crisis response for women and economic empowerment for girls, as well as recreational activities through drawings and games for children. The second activity is a webinar entitled “Être femme entre Libye et Tunisie: partageons les défis!” which was organized on 17th February. The webinar had 6 speakers from Libyan and Tunisian civil society and local authorities, sharing their journeys, obstacles, and keys to success for women’s empowerment.

In Libya, ALDA is engaged in two projects: on women empowerment and capacity building for local authorities

The second project, “REBUILD – Research and Education Building Urban Institutions for Local Development“, is funded by the European Commission (DG DEVCO). The main focus of the project is to strengthen local public services in Libya through a permanent training mechanism delivered by Libyan universities to Libyan municipalities. This project is directed by the “Provincia Autonoma di Trento” (Autonomous Province of Trento) – Italy – together with “Centro di Cooperazione Internazionale” (Centre for International Cooperation) and 10 Libyan Municipalities.

In the framework of this project, ALDA is a subcontractor and is designing and delivering a training module to 10 Libyan universities which will train 10 Libyan local authorities. ALDA’s module will be held both online and in-person in September 2022. For this project, ALDA will also contribute to build a “Community of practices” on territorial sustainable development.

What ALDA works towards, concerning the Libyan context, is part of its  Middle East & Africa and global strategy: it advocate for stable institutions, decentralisation, and capable local governments that fully involve citizens and civil society in decision-making processes, as well as women empowerment. With these projects, ALDA really hopes to give its sound contribution to these aims, and it is looking forward to further support new initiatives in the country.

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