ALDA’s General Assembly (9th July 2011) in Bydgoszcz, PL

Jul 09, 2011

Good governance

ALDA General Assembly 2011 took place in Bydgoszcz (9th July 2011), the day after the important International Conference on “Volunteering for Democracy”.
ALDA members approved all the documents presented at the end of a challenging year for the Association.

“After the achievements of the first ten years of existence – stated Mr.Keith Whitmore, President of the Congress of the Council of Europe in his speech – the Association has become an important player in local democracy-building and a genuine driving force behind cross-border co-operation at both local and regional level – not only in South-East Europe but also increasingly in South Caucasus and the rest of the Eastern Partnership countries. And let’s not forget the crucial role played by ALDA in promoting the entry of South-East European countries in the European Union, and preparing the ground at local level for their future integration”.

ALDA and the Local Democracy Agencies, since their creation, have been actively promoting democracy and respect for human and minority rights in the countries of South Eastern Europe and of Southern Caucasus.
Some of these countries are at the threshold of the European Union, though there are a number of challenges to be tackled before that step will be carried out.