An EPIC Steering Committee meeting: analysis and future plans

Jul 08, 2020

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On July 6th-7th, 2020, the EPIC project convened its second Steering Committee meeting, led by EPIC project coordinator Dolinda Cavallo with the participation of representatives from the whole consortium.

The 2-day online exchange aimed to analyze and evaluate the work achieved during the first six months of project implementation, and to define the upcoming steps of the project.

The first day was launched with a short introduction from the project coordinator, as representative of ALDA as lead partner of the project, regarding EPIC’s latest accomplishments and updates; followed by a presentation by Dr. Giovanna Astolfo, of the Bartlett DPU, about the ongoing surveys and research.

The meeting also served as a round table to discuss the next steps for the project: EPIC partners will next meet in Madrid in October 2020 for an in-depth collective brainstorming on what integration services particularly need improving through the job-shadowing activity. In connection to this, ADL-Z presented how this phase of matchmaking will be structured; and, finally, AEIDL – the partner in charge of the communication activities – explained the latest updates concerning the project website, which will be ready soon! During the second day, and following another quick overview of project updates by the project coordinator, the meeting then focused on financial questions and on communication and monitoring issues.

All EPIC partners were actively engaged in the meeting, noted the significant achievements of the project in its first semester and came to a unanimous agreement on how to proceed in the next few months. As lead partners of the project, we are grateful and honoured for their important contributions as part of the consortium, and very much looking forward to keeping the good work up! In the meantime, the EPIC newsletter is online: subscribe here to receive it!

Funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) programme and coordinated by ALDA, the European Platform of Integrating Cities (EPIC) project aims to create a network of Local Authorities and NGOs to share knowledge and best practices for TCNs’ integration.