Antonella Valmorbida, ALDA Secretary General, joins Europe Direct Network

Jan 09, 2024

Citizens engagement

ALDA is thrilled to announce that its Secretary General, Antonella Valmorbida, has been accepted as a member of the Europe Direct network. The collaboration between the Representation in Italy of the European Commission and Mrs. Valmorbida represents a significant step forward in enhancing ALDA’s reach and impact in promoting local democracy.

Understanding Europe Direct and Its Role

Europe Direct is a network of independent communicators and experts on European Union (EU) matters, with a focus on participatory democracy. The primary goal of this network is to support the Representation of the European Commission by intensifying citizen engagement at the local level, sparking public discourse on the EU. Members of the network, including Mrs. Valmorbida, will act as communicators, speakers, moderators, animators, or facilitators at various events, leveraging their expertise to convey the activities and added value of the EU to a broader audience.

Roles and Responsibilities of Europe Direct Members

As part of Europe Direct, members operate independently and provide factual, objective, and unbiased information about the EU to encourage citizens to better understand EU policies and actively participate in the democratic life of the EU. They may engage in various activities, including presentations, open discussions, panel debates, conferences, radio and television broadcasts, seminars, and newspaper articles.

Crucially, members commit to staying updated on recent developments in EU policies and aligning their activities with the priorities of the Commission in terms of communication. They are also active on social media and other chosen media platforms, sharing messages and participating in discussions on EU-related topics.

Advantages for ALDA in Joining Europe Direct

ALDA, through Antonella Valmorbida’s acceptance into the Europe Direct network, gains valuable access to resources and expertise directly related to EU matters. This affiliation will strengthen ALDA’s ability to promote local democracy, participatory processes, and citizen engagement.

Both actors commit to fostering a better understanding of the EU among citizens. ALDA, as a member, has the opportunity to participate in a variety of events and activities organised centrally by the Commission or the Representation. The collaboration aims to synergise with the activities of Europe Direct Centers and European Documentation Centers in member states.

Through this partnership, ALDA envisions establishing direct communication channels with citizens, aligning perfectly with the organisation’s commitment to promoting active citizenship and democratic values.

Antonella Valmorbida’s acceptance into the Europe Direct network marks a pivotal moment for ALDA, opening doors to a broader audience and enriching the organisation’s efforts to foster local democracy. ALDA looks forward to leveraging this collaboration to create meaningful dialogues and engage citizens in the EU’s democratic processes.