Alto Vicentino: Territorial Alliance for Network Actions


The project AVATAR has been created to foster the development of digital culture and the adoption of new digital services for citizens, enterprises, CSOs and public administration. It has five areas of intervention: training, socio-medical, business, third sector and public administration.
Overall there are eleven municipalities of the Alto Vicentino (Isola Vicentina, Malo, Marano Vicentino, Monte di Malo, San Vito di Leguzzano, Santorso, Thiene, Torrebelvicino, Valdagno, Villaverla and Zugliano); 4 technical partners: Pasubio Tecnologia, Wikimedia Italia, MegaHub, Alda+ and 48 supporters


The objectives of the project are to:

  • create in the Northern Vicenza area Open Innovation Laboratories as places of active meeting and participation (Innovation LAb).
  • foster a participatory approach to the creation and modernisation of digital public services, through the Digital Gyms
  • Disseminate the culture of open data of public bodies among citizens and enterprises
  • Increase the number of citizens using Internet and their awareness about the potential of digital technology.