ALDA launches its campaign “Better Europe Together: Local Ideas, European Results” ahead of European Elections 2024

Mar 06, 2024

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In anticipation of the European elections scheduled from June 6th to 9th, 2024, we are excited to finally unveil ALDA’s latest initiative aimed at promoting active citizen participation and fostering democratic engagement across Europe. ALDA’s newly launched campaign, entitled “Better Europe Together: Local Ideas, European Results”, along with the accompanying webpage, serves as a vital resource hub for citizens eager to participate in shaping the future of the European Union.

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European elections are not merely routine events but serve as crucial moments in the trajectory of European democracy. Each vote cast by citizens of the EU member states holds the power to influence the composition of the European Parliament, thereby shaping legislative agendas and policies that directly impact the lives and communities of European citizens. Against the backdrop of increasingly complex global challenges and evolving socio-political dynamics, the importance of active participation in these elections cannot be overstated.

Discover ALDA’s campaign ‘Better Europe Together’ here!

Better Europe Together: Local Ideas, European Results” is an informative campaign aimed at encouraging the engagement of European citizens and promoting democracy and civic participation in European policymaking. Additionally, it aims to raise awareness concerning the activities of ALDA members and close partners, with the goal of establishing a robust network and amplifying our voice to reach a wider audience of European citizens.

At ALDA, we firmly believe in the strength of community. Therefore, we are confident that together, we can make a significant impact and bring about real change. Through a bottom-up approach, we can collectively shape the future and work towards building a Better Europe Together.

Among the many things, with this campaign ALDA is committed to provide citizens with reliable and qualitative information necessary for making conscious and judicious decisions. This commitment to promoting access to accurate information is not only a matter of individual empowerment but also a fundamental precondition for the integrity and efficacy of democratic processes. This is why ALDA’s campaign is designed to empower citizens by providing them with essential information about candidates, electoral processes, and opportunities for involvement. By facilitating access to reliable information, ALDA aims to promote transparency, accountability, and trust in democratic institutions while ensuring that citizens’ voices are heard and respected on the European stage.

Additionally, our objective is to underscore the significance of these elections and emphasise the crucial role citizens play in shaping the future of Europe. As a European citizen, you have a unique opportunity to express your preferences for the Europe you wish to inhabit, thereby shaping your own future.

#BetterEuropeTogether serves as a platform designed to aid citizens in discovering nearby events, accessing resources to actively participate in the campaign, and accessing credible information about the European Union and its institutions. This platform is geared towards empowering citizenry to make informed decisions.

As the countdown to the European Parliament elections 2024 begins, ALDA invites citizens across Europe to join hands in shaping a Better Europe Together. Through active engagement and informed decision-making, we can collectively contribute to building a more inclusive, responsive, and resilient European Union that reflects the diverse perspectives and interests of its citizens.

Discover ALDA’s Campaign here: