Festival Theatre Nomades: Join ALDA and its team

Aug 05, 2022

Environment & climate

ALDA has been invited to take part in the Festival Théâtres Nomades and we could not be more excited! The event will take place from August 18 to 21, 2022 in Brussels at Bois de la Cambre and it is dedicated to street arts and theatre. Nonetheless, it is also an eclectic moment open to NGOs and associations that will share their missions and projects in a recreational way. 

This original free event offers to spectators a program of shows adapted to all audiences. It takes place every summer for 4 days and it is organised by the Compagnie des Nouveaux Disparus. Each year, thanks to its sustainable approach and varied program, it gathers a large audience from Brussels and other parts of Belgium with diverse socio-cultural backgrounds.

ALDA will be present at Festival Théâtres Nomades with a stand dedicated to the projects Climate of Change and PART-Y

ALDA has been invited by Anna Lindh Foundation, within which the Association represents a key actor for networking activities. From a general perspective, ALDA colleagues will be present with a stand dedicated to the projects Climate of Change and PART-Y. The first one focuses on finding sustainable solutions while spurring for policy change to preserve the planet for future generations, as well as to share the responsibility for the protection of the Earth fairly. In the framework of the festival, ALDA aims to help the signature collection of the petition “End Climate Change, Start Climate of Change” . 

Concerning the second initiative, the objective of promoting the PART-Y project during the event is to trigger the participation in civic life of young people (13-20 years) by fostering their inclusion in the policies decision-making process. 

Overall, the festival appears to be a unique opportunity for ALDA to raise awareness and promote its mission through these projects. Do not miss the opportunity to join, enjoying art and exhibitions in a wonderful bucolic setting in Brussels.

[Picture from Festival Theatres Nomades]

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