Balkans for Optimising Opportunities, Sustainability and Transformation of Civil Society


Project aims to strengthen democratic, economic and social development of the WB region. This will be achieved through long-term program support for empowering civil society capacities in different thematic pillars: youth & entrepreneurship, rural development & environment, preservation of cultural heritage & community development. The cross-cutting priority is to promote active citizenship through participatory approaches and tools, and to encourage a gender perspective in all the programme’s activities. The programme aims to strengthen the capacities of civil society organisations through: a) capacity building, b) financial supporting activities to CSOs in the three key thematic pillars; c) promoting networking within civil society and with other key actors such as local authorities.

The project focuses on young people  and especially young women and is aimed at strengthening their capacity for active participation in all the pillars described above. Project also aims to encourage greater engagement and effective cooperation among citizens and direct dialogue with decision-makers, at the local and national level. These actions help to strengthen transparent and responsive local governance structures, generating a positive impact on a regional scale. ALDA’s network also reaches EU and in particular French partners and members, which have been involved with ALDA in the WB region, in several programmes for good local governance for more than two decades.


Overall objective: Promote the democratic, economic, and social development of the Western Balkans region within the context of EU enlargement, by strengthening civil society in the areas of youth and entrepreneurship, environmental protection, rural development, preservation of cultural heritage and community development.

Specific objectives:

  • To strengthen the role and the capacities of civil society organisations in the Western Balkans
  • To set up a network of relevant  stakeholders (civil society, local authorities, universities and others) committed to the stable and democratic, economic, cultural and social development of the region.
  • To promote and strengthen a shared narrative among civil society and decision-makers that reinforces European values of peace, democracy, and inclusion of young people (men and women, boys and girls) at regional level.


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