Celebrating 30 Years of Local Democracy Agencies: A Journey of Success in Skopje

Oct 23, 2023

Good governance

The remarkable journey of Local Democracy Agencies (LDAs) spanning three decades was celebrated under the theme “A Successful Story from Conflict Aftermath Toward Europe” as part of the International Conference on “A Wider European Community: The Importance of Local Governance.”

This significant event took place in Skopje (North Macedonia) on October 19 and 20, 2023

This international conference provided a unique platform to showcase the extensive work undertaken by ALDA and the LDAs in the Western Balkans region over the past thirty years. The distinguished speakers took the audience on a captivating journey through the establishment of the LDAs and the myriad projects implemented during this momentous period.

The panel discussion was initiated by ALDA General Secretary, Mrs. Antonella Valmorbida, who offered a retrospective overview of the creation of the LDAs and their historical contributions. Following that, Stanka Parac from LDA Subotica shared her memories and recounted the success stories of the first LDA established in the Balkans, located in Subotica. Dzenana Dedic, representing LDA Mostar, emphasised the pivotal role of LDAs in the reconstruction of local communities. Vullnet Gusia, a representative from the Municipality of Peja, which hosted LDA Kosovo*, highlighted the value that LDAs bring to local communities and the collaborative efforts with municipalities.