“Citizens participation and funding opportunities to support participative initiatives”. An ALDA Grundtvig course

Jun 22, 2012

Good governance

ALDA will hold 2 Sessions of 5 days intensive training course on the themes of “Citizens participation and funding opportunities to support participative initiatives”, that will take place in Strasbourg, the “Capital of Europe”, 14-18 January 2013 and 11 – 15 March 2013.
Eligible applicants are citizens of EU 27 Countries, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Croatia and Macedonia.
The course aims at deepen knowledge about the concept of active citizenship and participation in the European context, encouraging participants to take part to the social and political life of their communities with a stronger commitment and more efficient means.
The course foresees to give, as well as theoretical contents, practical notions on the funding opportunities available to support community sector. The participants are expected during the activities to learn how to develop a successful project in the framework of the different actions of the Europe for Citizens Programme and other funding sources related to citizens initiatives.
The course is open to a variety of participants among which professionals and volunteers involved in organisations/institutions management, trainers, careers officer, managers of schools/organisations offering adult education, non-teaching administrative staff, members of students/teachers councils in adult education, inspectors, teachers ect.
The initiative is recognised by the European Union as a Grundtvig in Service Training Course. The participants are therefore warmly invited to apply for a Grundtvig grant, which would enable them to cover their travel, accommodation and course fees expenses.
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