Citizens Participation: The Heart of the Green Transition 

Apr 15, 2024

Citizens engagement Environment & climate

One crucial element stands at the forefront in the journey towards a green future: citizen participation. As we experience the complexities of climate change and environmental degradation, it becomes evident that the engagement of citizens and key stakeholders is not only desirable but essential in driving meaningful green change. Citizens emerge as pivotal actors in green transition, shaping sustainable policies, driving innovation, and fostering collaborative efforts towards a greener tomorrow.

On April 11, the event “What’s new for Green Living Areas?” organised in the framework of the Green Living Areas Thematic Community Kick-off, took place in Turin, Italy. 

The event aimed to foster the exchange of best practices regarding tools, strategies, and policies for promoting environmentally friendly territories and involving citizens in sustainable transitions

ALDA participated as a panellist in the session “Experiences with citizen involvement and advice for the new projects. The Environment and Climate Hub, represented by Lizeth Lopez, ALDA Project Manager Junior with a focus on Environment, emphasised the importance of citizen involvement in the green transition, through participatory methodologies. The experiences of the E&C hub involve co-creation activities with citizens and key stakeholders that contribute to the development of the ongoing projects. The session emphasised how the collaboration among local authorities, institutional actors, and citizens amplifies the impact of grassroots efforts in driving environmental change.

The E&C Hub, with its commitment to inclusive environmental citizenship, advocates for the integration of citizens into decision-making processes. The Hub operates on the belief that civic engagement acts as a catalyst to deliver fast and effective environmental outcomes. Through initiatives focused on climate change adaptation and mitigation, green skills, circular economy, and inclusive transitions, the activities of the hub empower citizens to take ownership of the green agenda. By fostering dialogue and bridging the gap between citizens and decision-makers, ALDA facilitates a participatory approach that ensures no one is left behind in the transition towards a greener world.

The event was an exchange of best practices which offered unique perspectives on engaging citizens to drive impactful change in green living areas. From innovative technological solutions to community-driven initiatives, the projects showcased diverse approaches towards fostering environmental consciousness and active citizenship.