Civil Society in Action for Dialogue snd Partnership. 1st Training Strategic Planning

Dec 12, 2011

Good governance Linked project:
IPA Bosnia and Herzegovina

A training on Strategic Planning was held on 10 to 12.12.2011 in Prijedor, organised by the Association of Citizens “DON” Prijedor. Trainers was Murisa Maric (DON Prijedor), and Snezana Svetlana Šešlija (ToPeeR Doboj). Participants in training were non-governmental organisations from Bihac, Breze, Mostar, Prijedor, Tuzla and Zavidovici.
This is the first in a series of training sessions for capacity building of civil society envisaged by the project of regional cooperation: Civil Society in Action for Dialogue and Partnership, funded by the European Union Delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the funds provided for the “Support to the civil society networks”.
The leading partner of the project is the Association of Local Democracy Agencies (ALDA), while other partners are members of ALDA network in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian and Serbian – Local Democracy Agency Mostar, Zavidovići, Osijek and Subotica, as well as the “Forum of Tuzla Citizens”, “Centre for Local Development” Breza , “DON” Prijedor and “Nove nade” Bihac, a local nongovernmental organisations that effectively contribute to local democratic development and implementation of municipal agreements on cooperation.