Climate of Change and the role of the youth

May 12, 2022

Environment & climate

On May 6th, ALDA had the opportunity to discuss climate change, as well as the role of young people within this issue and what the community is doing with the project Climate of Change, to improve the situation we are living in.

In the beautiful location of Villa Schutzenberger in the city centre of Strasbourg, during the ALDA General Assembly and the Strasbourg Summit, the Association organised a workshop, with the participation of the French Young European Federalist.

This workshop was the ideal situation for the dissemination of the project and the results of the research carried out during the implementation with a presentation of the case studies report, the Human economy report and IPSOS survey.

The project, the campaign and the petition (signed by many!) were promoted and used as the basis for the panel discussion. The panellists were representatives of youth from France, engaged in the fight against climate change and the migration nexus.

Youth’s concerns about the environment and knowledge of climate-induced migration at the core of the debate

Participants and organisers were able to discuss various topics, moderated by the Climate of Change team from ALDA, and to launch a dialogue on the themes tackled by the project, especially the 4 points promoted by the petition which were at the core of the conversation and showed the interest of youngsters in this topic.

Furthermore, ALDA created a moment of exchange thanks to which the importance of youth’s involvement, and their role within this framework came to surface. Hence, there is a lot of awareness among young people on the environment and environmental issues.

More into depth, ALDA asked to the three panelists several questions on young people’s concerns about the environment and knowledge of climate-induced migration, thus opening very interesting debates in which the audience, mainly composed of high schools and university students took part, showed not only their perplexities and fears about it but also suggested different models of management of these topics, showing awareness and interest.

What did emerge from the climate of change workshop?

ALDA realised that among younger generations there is a desire to get involved in the change-making processes for the future of our planet. Once again, thanks to this workshop, partners and audience further understand how important it is to give voice to young people and give space to their initiatives. Listening to their requests is the first step to start a #Climateofchange.


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