Co-creation approaches for European civil servants: educational framework


Effective collaboration across government departments and with non-governmental actors is essential to good governance. In addition, effective collaboration with societal actors in public service delivery and policy-making can help governments improve their ability to address user needs and innovate their problem solving capacity.
Effective engagement with societal actors can help unlock societal assets, thereby easing the resource needs on governments, allow new services and new businesses to be born and help citizens to actively participate in the decisions that affect their lives.
This is the political base from which Co-Created project has been thought. Co-Created aims at equipping civil servants with the basic skills needed to implement co-creation approaches with the actors of the civil society. The project uses ICT solutions as learning innovative tools.


The main objectives of this project are:

  • To establish a framework of collaboration, both within the public sector and with external actors
  • To bringing governments closer to citizens and businesses through advanced ICT solutions
  • To promote integrated, co-created and inclusive service design and delivery
  • To provide opportunities for multi-stakeholder engagement by favouring collaboration mechanisms
  • To improve digital technologies‘ effectiveness for delivering public value and strengthening citizen trust
  • To favour a broader participation in national and local policymaking and service delivery through new channels and modalities of communication
  • To reinforce institutional capacities to manage and monitor projects‘ implementation