Commissioner Dubravka Šuica at the opening ceremony of the ALDA General Assembly

Jun 01, 2023

Good governance

The ALDA Festival and General Assembly 2023 will not only be characterised by relevant topics, stimulating discussions and experienced speakers. This year, ALDA will have the honour of hosting a very special guest: Ms. Dubravka Šuica, Vice-President of the European Commission, who will open the ALDA General Assembly on 8 June 2023 at the Municipal Hall in Etterbeek (Belgium).

Entitled “Local democracy will Save Democracy“, the 2023 event will focus mainly on the power of local democracy as a promoter of equality, freedom, peace, rule of law and human rights. Founding values of the European Union that ALDA and its network deeply believe in and pursue on a daily basis.

Given the importance of this topic, there is no more suitable person than Ms. Šuica to discuss the future of democracy and kick off the ALDA General Assembly.

Commissioner Dubravka Šuica opens the ALDA General Assembly 2023

Commissioner for Democracy and Demography, previously in charge of the Conference on the Future of Europe, Ms. Šuica’s work embodies the above-mentioned values and is constantly aimed at promoting and supporting democracy, stimulating the participation of those who represent the very pillars of the European project: us, the citizens.

As stated by Ms. Šuica during the closing statement of the Conference on the Future of Europe “We will hear your views, citizens’ views. The most important participants in this process, the citizens.” Highlighting the fundamental role of the population, that with a bottom-up approach contributes to building a strong local democracy, for a resilient and thriving global one.  

We therefore look forward to the start of this ALDA Festival and General Assembly to be held in Etterbeek from 6 to 9 June 2023, which will be characterised by important discussions, exchanges of ideas and valuable insights. Come and join us! 

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Local Democracy will Save Democracy – ALDA Festival and General Assembly 2023